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  1. Choose Your Region – from the menu to the left
  2. Fill In Your Information – it takes less than a minute to complete
  3. Contact – a live BingServ rep will contact you via email or phone to answer your questions and confirm your payment method


Thats all there is to it  :)  BingServ will dispatch an experienced, 5-star moving labor team to fill your needs, guaranteed!


Serving:  New York StatePennsylvania State

SALE:  2 Person Teams – 3 HOURS – Only $199.95 complete!


best 2015BINGSERV is a 2015 award winning service11188427_888893561167082_951340062911728008_n
– based on customer satisfaction

  • Low affordable prices
  • Move the date and time of your choice
  • Reliable & experienced teams



How does BingServ separate themselves from the moving labor pack?

  1. GUARANTEED EXPERIENCED WORKERS: BingServ screens for and works with the best moving labor teams available in your area
  2. NO PRICE HAGGLING: BingServ’s competitive low prices cover fuel, labor, everything you need – one simple price
  3. LIVE AGENTS: Unlike other moving labor services, you have access to live representatives who will address any concerns or questions you may have


movinghelp* IMPORTANT NOTEBingServ is strictly a moving labor service.  We do not provide transportation, moving trucks, vans, or the like.  BingServ provides the muscle to load and/or unload your furniture and belongings into and/or out of your moving truck.  You rent the truck, the BingServ team gets you moved in and/or out.

Do YOU provide superior service, and want to MORE WORK?

BingServ has work available for established labor teams CLICK HERE to APPLY to become one of our dispatched 5-star labor teams

Serving:  New York StatePennsylvania State

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